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The Priestess Code LIVE Webinar!
Wake up Warrior, Goddess, 
Priestess, Queen!
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Shannon Evette

Wednesday, April 19th at 6:00PM (PST) / 8:00 PM (CST) / 9:00 PM (EST)
The Priestess Code Webinar
The Priestess Code is an introduction to a new thought process inspired by teachings within the New Testament of the Bible where God refers to us as "Holy Priests," and a chosen nation. 

No other training is more appropriate for such a time as this, as women are reawakening to a spirituality that encompasses new levels of enlightenment and femininity.

 During this virtual training you'll learn: 
The four initiations of the Warrior, Goddess, Queen, and Priestess.
How to elevate your vibrational frequency to manifest your vision of Purpose and Love.
Empower your faith and intuitive strength. 
Learn about the power of rituals, rites, and nature to strengthen your connection to Spirit.
** Plus - Get A FREE download of Shannon Evette's audio teaching:
"I've Got your Black Girl Magic - The 3 Keys to Authentic Spiritual Power"
Discover the tools to partner with God to co-create extraordinary success and abundance in ways that are aligned with your values. 
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